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Did you know that higher doses of some vitamins can be taken safely for short periods of time, but over longer periods can lead to toxicity? Or that continued use of some antimicrobials like garlic can harm gut health? Don’t worry—we did.

Throw out your pill bottles and hit Reset. Our novel system delivers the right ingredients and smarter formulas to get you better results.

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The Power of
Immune Max

What does "proven ingredients and smarter formulas" really mean? We compared our Immune Max formulation with a similar leading product to demonstrate.

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Recipes for Your Reset

Enhance each week of your Reset with nutrient-rich recipes provided by Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Brenda Gregory

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A Reset is More Than Vitamins

A “Reset” means more than just taking your vitamins. It means reevaluating and improving our diets, exercise routines, sleep schedules and even work habits.

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