Having Trouble Losing Weight? Sometimes You Can’t Trust Your Gut.

Gut health is one of the most important factors in whether or not your weight loss journey will be successful. There are countless lies circulating the internet that perpetuate diet culture and promote disordered tendencies, such as restrictive eating, intermittent fasting, or fad diets like Keto. What it all comes down to is your gut microbiome. Luckily for you, our gut reset is the key to a healthy gut and will help you reach your healthy weight loss goals!

In recent years, scientists have begun to explore this connection between gut health and weight management. A new study published by the American Society for Microbiology proves that your gut bacteria directly impacts our ability to lose weight. Your gut microbiome can both help and hurt - so if you’re not in the habit of looking after your gut and doing a couple of gut resets per year, that could be a huge reason your weight loss efforts have proven fruitless. 

This study was conducted by analyzing a sample of people enrolled in a diet/exercise intervention program, with resident dietitians and nurse-led behavioral coaching. During the program, 48 participants lost more than 1% of their body weight every month, while the other 57 maintained the same BMI and weight. After analyzing stool and blood samples and controlling for other factors, the scientists compared the blood metabolites, blood proteins, clinical labs, dietary questionnaires, and gut bacteria between the weight-losing group and the weight-maintaining group. 

After this comparison, there was a common thread amongst those who lost weight: they all had genes that help bacteria rapidly grow, multiply frequently, and replicate and assemble cell walls. So, we’re here to help you flush out the bad bacteria and welcome in the good bacteria that will promote weight loss, as well as improve your sleep, immunity, mood, and overall happiness. 

I know. That was a lot of boring science talk. So, here are some actionable steps you can take to make this happen:

1/ Introduce probiotics to your diet. 

Eat some artichokes, almonds, legumes, apricots, and berries - not a task! These things help your good bacteria survive in your gut - which we want.

2/ Introduce prebiotics into your diet.

Eat some artichokes, almonds, legumes, apricots, and berries - not a task! These things help your good bacteria survive in your gut - which we want. 

3/ Reduce your red meat consumption.

There’s a compound called carnitine in red meat that may negatively interact with gut bacteria and clog your arteries with plaque. I know, we all love a steak once in a while. And that’s okay, as long as it’s not a main character in your diet! Make it a cameo, rather. Instead, choose fatty fish like salmon, or chicken, turkey, and tofu. 

4/ Avoid Processed Foods

Yeah, I don’t like hearing it either. We all love sugar. And it’s okay once in a while, as is everything. But processed foods lack the diversity and fiber that your gut thrives on. 

In order for these four steps to work and for you to reach your weight loss goal, it’s important to start from scratch, gut-wise. Click here to try out our 28-day Gut Check in order to reset your system, implement these good practices in your diet, and meet your healthy weight loss goals with the help of your new and improved microbiome!


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