This week, let’s work on cleansing your body and your routine to build towards a lasting, healthy lifestyle. Changing your routine might sound intimidating, but this week’s daily challenges will get you started on the right path.

Check them out below, or download the Lifestyle Guide here. 


DAY 1: Let’s talk about the value of routine

Did you know that the most effective way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is through routine? The right routine can help you accomplish your goals, lessen stress, and elevate your energy and focus throughout the day. This month, we want to help you build a lasting routine. Let’s get started with goal setting: this week, try to eliminate one unhealthy habit from your daily routine, and add in one good one!

Habits you might eliminate: 

  • Stand up to late-night cravings and stop snacking after 9:30pm
  • If you’re a soda drinker, try sparkling water instead 
  • Spend 10 fewer minutes on your phone before bed

Some things to add: 

  • Drink water before coffee in the morning 
  • Instead of checking your phone, perform a 1-5 minute meditation or breathing exercise when you wake up in the morning 
  • Check in with one friend or family member each day this week 

Check out this article from Psychology Today to learn more about routine and its mental health benefits.


DAY 2: Intermittent fasting: more than a health fad

Research has shown that this eating pattern is far more than a weight loss technique. Intermittent fasting can prompt cellular repair, lower insulin levels and boost immune function. Let’s try it out 2 days this week! 

Read more about the health benefits of intermittent fasting and the 3 most popular methods in this beginners guide from Healthline.


DAY 3: Do you undervalue hydration?

Most people do. Estimates have said that around 70% of adult Americans are chronically dehydrated. When hydrated, you’ll not only feel healthier. You’ll feel energized and more productive! Find moments to pause and drink water today. Can you keep it up all week?  


DAY 4: Let’s get cooking 

A healthy diet is essential to a healthy lifestyle, but finding nutritious recipes to cook at home isn’t always easy. Enhance your cleanse this week with one of these delicious and detoxifying recipes, suggested by our Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Brenda Gregory


Day 5: Cleanse the mind

There’s nothing harder than managing stressors in our busy lives, but mental wellness is key to wholistic health. Find time today for 5 minutes of self-care and try a breathing exercise. Diaphragmatic breathing--or belly breathing--can help reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure and more! 

Check out this article from Healthline to learn more about the health benefits of deep breathing techniques and popular techniques.


DAY 6: Intermittent fasting 2.0

You knew this was coming! Intermittent fasting helps keep the body in healthy condition, and it’s a simple way to manage our diet and remember to prioritize nutrition. Try it again today. Do you feel healthier? Energized?


DAY 7: Reflection

Take 5 minutes today to reflect on your detox week. What’s working in your daily routine? What’s not? Did you try intermittent fasting or deep breathing exercises? Write it all down, so that we can look back and build off this week’s progress. 

Need a push in the right direction? Check out our week 1 reflection exercise to help get you started.