Of the trillions of bacteria living on your skin and inside your body, most can be found in the gut microbiome. The healthy bacteria living here--probiotics--are essential to digestion and immune function.

This week, while the Reset helps fuel gut health, let’s talk about fueling your body. This week’s activities will focus on finding ways to emphasize nutrition in your daily routine. 

Check them out below, or download the Lifestyle Guide here.  


DAY 1: Building healthy habits

We always want to start the week off by making positive changes to your routine. Today, evaluate your snacking habits. Instead of grabbing a soda or bag of chips between meals, try preparing healthy snacks for the week in advance, so that you can grab-and-go as needed. 

Need some ideas? Healthline has 33.


DAY 2: Fuel gut health 

Give your gut an extra boost with one of our featured recipes for week 3, recommended by Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Brenda Gregory


DAY 3: Nourish your mind

We’re all familiar with gratitude. What about self gratitude? Like probiotics support a healthy gut, self gratitude supports a healthy mind. From building confidence to relieving feelings of stress and anxiety, self gratitude is a reliable tool for mental health

Today, try this 2 minute self-gratitude exercise. Happy with your results? Write your answers down on sticky notes, and stick them somewhere you’ll see them every morning. 


DAY 4: Get moving 

Gut-friendly foods and probiotic supplements aren’t the only ways to support gut health. An active lifestyle helps with digestion and weight management. So, get moving today! 

Still looking for the perfect workout? Try this 30 min full-body workout routine


DAY 5: Fuel gut health 

Since this week’s all about nutrition and gut health, try another guy-friendly recipe. Take another look at these suggestions from Brenda Gregory, or try one of these 7 ideas from Healthline. 


DAY 6: Hydration for a Happy Gut

A happy gut means better digestion, immune health, skin, sleep and more. And like diet and exercise, hydration is a key piece of the puzzle. Water helps your body flush out toxins and remove waste. Without it, your gut has a hard time doing its job. So remember to stay hydrated! 

Looking to add some flavor to your water bottle? Try one of these 6 infused water recipes from Eating Bird Food. 


DAY 7: Reflection

Let’s look back on week 3 of your Reset. What worked for you, and what didn’t? Did you make positive changes to your diet this week? Did you have a hard time staying motivated? Write it all down, so that we can build off this week’s progress later.

Check out our week 3 reflection worksheet to get you started.