Think about the impressive power that drives a rocket into space. That’s how powerful this week’s immune booster rockets are. Get ready for out-of-this-world immune support. 

Let’s make this week’s lifestyle improvements equally impressive! This week’s challenges will help you use what you’ve learned over the last 3 weeks to build a healthy routine. Get started with our goal setting activity below.

Download the Lifestyle Guide here.



A lasting routine requires commitment and preparation. Start off this week by reading through all 7 challenges and make a plan for success. What might make accomplishing your health goals this week easier? Shopping for groceries in advance? Using a checklist or setting reminders on your phone? 

Need help with goal setting? Take a look at our Week 4 Checklist to help you track daily accomplishments.


DAY 1: Choose your fighter/ WEEK 1

Choose your favorite activity from week 1. Did you find intermittent fasting or breathing exercises beneficial? Did you make a positive change in your routine that week that you’d like to emphasize in your routine? Remember to look back at your notes from week 1, day 7! 

Practice this activity today, and every day this week! 


DAY 2: Choose your fighter/ WEEK 2

What was your favorite activity from week 2? Did you find a simple way to stay active during your daily routine, or try a new workout regimen? If you can’t remember what felt like a good fit, check your notes from week 2, day 7! 

Once you’ve picked an activity from week 2, add it to your routine today. For the rest of this week, practice your favorite activities from week 1 and week 2 daily! 


DAY 3: Choose your fighter/ WEEK 3

Let’s add in your favorite activity from week 3. Did you try packing healthy snacks for the week in advance, or drinking infused water? Remember to check your notes from week 3, day 7! 

Add your favorite activity from week 3 to your daily routine today. Practice the 3 activities you selected from weeks 1-3 every day, for the remainder of the week. 



Now that you've gotten a feel for what fits into your routine on a daily basis, we'll practice rotating in other healthy practices throughout this week, on top of your daily routine. 


DAY 4: Nutrition 

Let’s remember that nutrition is an important piece of a healthy routine. Today, try making one of Brenda Gregory’s recommended recipes for week 4. For the rest of the week, try to make one healthy choice in your diet each day. It can be as simple as trading chips for an apple in the afternoon, or drinking sparkling water instead of soda. 


DAY 5: Physical Activity 

A healthy lifestyle also means staying active. Whether it’s yoga, a walk in the park or a cardio session, find time to get moving today! Consider how you can be more active in your daily life. Can you bike to work, or take the stairs? Could you stand during a meeting or walk to lunch? 

Need some ideas? Check out this list. Our favorite? The “walk and talk.”


DAY 6: Mindfulness 

Never forget to care for your mental wellness. Let’s practice self-appreciation. Look at your goals for this week; congratulate yourself for the ones you accomplished. Give yourself a reward--take a relaxing bubble bath, buy a nice cup of coffee, plan a meal with friends. You’ve earned it. 


DAY 7: Reflection 

What’s next? It’s time to keep up the good work!

You tried out a new, healthy lifestyle this week. How did it go? Reflect on your week, so that you can build off this experience and make improvements. Need a push in the right direction? Take a look at our week 4 reflection exercise

Building a new and improved routine? Here's a blank checklist to track daily accomplishments and help with accountability as you cement a new routine.