Why I Love to "Reset" with Reset Logic

Why I love to “Reset” with Reset Logic:

After decades in the fitness industry, I’ve seen it all: so many different supplements, cleanses, superfoods and booster programs. And I have to say, Reset Logic takes the best of all of them and puts everything into one easy system. 

The weekly rotation makes so much sense! Reset Logic is a four week system where each week focuses on a different health benefit. When I plan a workout regimen, I don’t do the same thing every day. So, when it comes to my supplements, I appreciate that Reset Logic does the same. Sometimes when we do something every day consistently, we plateau -- we get bored, lose motivation and stop seeing results. No one wants that! Whether it’s in your workout regimen or vitamin system, getting to focus on one thing at a time, every week, helps keep you engaged and sets you up for positive results. 

I’ve also really noticed the benefits. Since starting reset logic, my skin feels healthier and I feel more energetic, especially during the greens week. The probiotics have really helped me with bloating and better digestion. I just feel healthier overall!

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that taking care of your whole body and immune system is so important. Reset Logic is the complete package.  If you’re looking for a new, easy way to stay healthy, check them out!




Matt Conrad

Reset Logic Fitness Partner & Advisor 

Barry's Master Trainer, Curriculum Lead

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