The 28-Day October Reset w/ Josh Grimm

Fitness + Nutrition Program to Reset Gut Health /

October 1st - October 28th, 2021


Get Gut Health Back on Track / 

Studies have shown that managing weight can be more difficult if you have an unhealthy gut. That's why as we look forward to the holiday season, we’re not just preparing our wish lists -- we're preparing our guts.


The Importance of Microbes:  

There are trillions of microbes that are active in our gut that can greatly contribute to our overall health in both positive and negative ways. Fortunately, we can actually help microbes aid in our overall health in many ways through fitness and nutritional health.

The Exercise-Gut Connection:

The exercise-gut connection is a relatively new studied science but there is enough scientific support to suggest that we should become mindful of how and what we can do to make these microbes work for us and not against. We can actually modify the types of bacteria that grow inside of our gut through types of exercise and alter the composition of our microbiome.

Get Control of Gut Health:

The following workouts are going to help aid in keeping our bodies and guts in tip-top physical condition, just in time for the upcoming holiday season!


This October, Reset Gut Health with Fitness and Nutrition / 

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