The Productivity - Stress - Energy Cycle

The Productivity-Stress-Energy Cycle


When it comes to health, we like to think holistically. Why? Because everything is interconnected. For example, did you know that poor sleeping habits can hurt gut health? And that poor gut health can negatively impact sleep habits? 

Productivity, stress and energy levels are also interconnected in what we like to call, the “Productivity-Stress-Energy Cycle.” Here’s a look at how: 

Let’s say there are 5 things on your to-go list for the day. But for some reason, you’re not feeling productive. So, you only accomplish 3 of those things. After falling behind on your work-load, you start to feel anxious. Thoughts about unfinished items keep you up at night, and interrupted sleep affects your energy levels and more. You begin the next day already wrapped up in feelings of fatigue and stress -- not exactly the best way to begin a productive, satisfying work day. 


It’s time to reset your Productivity-Stress-Energy CycleHere are a few tips: 

1) Before bed, identify a “first thing” item for the next day. Begin your work day with this 5-10 minute, easy task to spark feelings of accomplishment. This short, morning ritual will help set the tone for an energetic, productive work day. 

2) Create a “must-do” and a “to-do” list. Separate your “must-do” items from your general “to-do” list. It’s okay if you don’t accomplish everything on your to-do list, as long as you get through the must-do list. This consistent structure will help you prioritize and alleviate work-related stress

3) If work-related anxiety keeps you up at night, you’re not alone, especially with WFH blurring the lines between personal and professional life. It’s important to make sure that you’re getting enough sleep -- reduced energy levels will only create further stress the following day. Here's a tip for better sleep: keep all work related materials out of the bedroom.

Looking for more tips to boost productivity while working from home? Make sure that you're covering the basics: hydrating, staying active, getting the nutritional support you need. Plus, check out this article for more productivity ideas!