First Impressions


Anyone who knows me knows I’m not the person you’d expect to be writing for a health and wellness company. Not because I don’t care about health, and not because I know nothing about it. I spent two years of college in varsity athletics for a weight-class sport, so I’ve seen more girls eat kale and weigh their yogurt cups than you would believe. It’s because I understand how important a healthy lifestyle is, and quite often, actively choose to ignore that information. 

I’m not horrible with managing my health--on a scale of “vegan superfood enthusiast” to “daily McDonalds,” I’m probably “avocado toast, but sometimes it’s pizza.” But more often than I care to admit, I give up breaking a sweat for a few more minutes watching The Office. 

So why am I writing for a health and wellness company? Because I believe in the message--the logic. 

Since joining the Reset Team, I’ve learned a lot about the body. I understand exactly what we need to stay strong and healthy. And guess what--it’s not cutting carbs or living in the gym. It’s all about balance. 

Reset Logic is founded upon this very idea, that a balanced lifestyle is the surest way to support total and immune health. And that’s exactly what makes the Reset so effective. 


Who am I to be recommending a supplement program? I’ve just admitted that I’m not a health expert. I didn’t study anything health related in school. Actually, I didn’t even take vitamins until recently. 

So why should you take my advice? Because when I joined the Reset team, I didn’t know anything about immune supplements. Like you, I had to start at the beginning. 

Before I began encouraging people to try Reset Logic’s supplement program, I wanted to be certain I was giving good advice. So, I went looking for evidence--evidence that the Reset would be effective, and that our 70+ ingredients would actually strengthen immune health. 

As it turns out, to understand the value of an immunity supplement, first, you have to understand the immune system. So, I did some homework. 

I had a lot to learn--after all, the only thing I really remembered from high school biology was that “the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.” After days spent digging through articles, youtube videos, and even leftover textbooks, I came away with one main takeaway


The immune system is incredibly complex. Did you know that the immune system is more than just white blood cells? Also, that there are so many different types of white blood cells? From your skin, to your gut and everything in between, your immune system relies on many different helpers to keep you from getting sick.

So it should be no surprise that such a complex system has complex health needs...

No one thing--not a daily Zinc supplement, Vitamin C tablets, or the occasional side salad--is going to magically double your immune strength. The immune system relies on support from nearly every system in your body. So, naturally, the best way to support your immune system is to support total health--strengthen each individual part to build a stronger whole, piece by piece. 

And that’s what makes the Reset your best option for immune health. It supports the immune system by targeting different systems in the body and strengthening the whole, one step at a time. Detoxification, antioxidants, probiotics for gut health… It fuels the immune system for success

I may not have gone to med school, but I can say this for certain; I’d rather use a monthly cycle and 70+ ingredients to support my total health, than take the same generic pill every day.

Wouldn't you rather Hit Reset too?



Jessica Giller

Reset Logic Team Member