Founders Story/ The View from Lockdown


We had done everything right. Or so we thought. 

On Friday, March 13, we went into quarantine in New York City. Me, my wife, our kids aged 16, 13, and 8—all of us locked down in our apartment with a robust supply of wipes, hand sanitizer and soap. We cleaned every surface, we washed our hands, we social distanced. All in good health, we figured we could safely ride out the storm.  

Just ten days later, my wife turned to me, her face strained and head pounding--the worst headache she could remember, but no fever. She was sick for sure, but maybe not COVID-19. 

The next evening, I sat down on the couch, feeling fine, and suddenly shivered. My head was burning with fever. For five nights, I woke up every few hours, shivering and wet, the worst night sweats I could remember. During the day, I was tired, but otherwise fine. No upper respiratory infection, no cough. Was it COVID? Who knows? No tests were easily available then for those with relatively mild symptoms. Our oldest daughter got a fever for a day and our youngest had a severe stomach ache for an afternoon. Only our son showed no symptoms of any kind. 

“All we had to call upon was our immune systems… it changed the way we thought about our health”

We’d been lucky. None of us was truly ill or in need of urgent medical attention. Yet we were rattled. We had done everything we were supposed to do, but it hadn’t mattered. A virus had still found us, COVID or not, and all we had to call upon was our immune systems. There was no medicine we could take. It changed the way we thought about our health. 

We knew we needed to do everything we could to prepare for whatever came next—colds, the flu, more waves of COVID-19, another pandemic. And not just for ourselves. If we were to confidently visit friends and family again, especially older relatives, we would want to make sure we would be as healthy as possible. 

“We needed new ideas… Then I heard about boat crud.” 

Strangely enough, before lockdown, I had been busy on a startup with an ambitious goal: to build smarter supplement systems. Yet our best ideas, such as a detox program, felt less and less relevant. The good times seemed behind us. We needed new ideas... Then I heard about boat crud.

Every time a submarine heads out to sea, if one person’s sick, almost everyone else on board gets it. Yet some people never seem to slow down or to even be under the weather. They are always the ones in good shape, but who are also careful what they eat and take supplements. Believe it or not, data shows Navy officers are more conscientious about vitamins than others in the military. They need it to deal with boat crud. 

“Our new idea was at once intuitive yet different: the Isochronic method” 

These insights came from Quin Melvin, a Navy Nuclear Submariner and business school student who had joined our team. We all hunkered down--well, connected over Zoom--to rethink our approach. Our new idea was at once intuitive yet different. Called the Isochronic Method, it varies the doses of vitamins and nutrients to build overall health, the key to beating boat crud back and more.

Just as you need to focus on different muscle groups on different gym days, the Isochronic Method builds your immunity by strengthening different systems in your body. We put it all together in a simple to use monthly program, called the Reset.

It starts with a detox, riding your body of toxins that build up every month in your gall bladder and intestines and aiding weight loss. Then it moves to greens for strength, probiotics for gut health and finishes with our immune max. These booster rockets fight cold and flu symptoms, and you can take them wherever you go (whether a nuclear submarine or the NYC subway) and whenever you feel anything coming on. On a monthly cycle, the Reset meets your body’s health needs on regular intervals in the right amounts. 

“73 ingredients in a systematic approach that makes it easy to stay the course”

The program delivers our 73 ingredients in a systematic approach that makes it easy to stay the course. You’ll never take more than 3 pills a day, yet you still get everything you need to build lasting total and immune health. 

We also know that there’s far more to staying healthy, mentally and physically, than taking the right supplements or even maintaining a disciplined health regimen like many Submariners. Community is crucial. In our relative isolation during this long year, we’ve all learned that lesson over and over in different ways. While it’s perhaps our most ambitious goal, we hope the Reset will help build a community and connect us to each other.

We’re going to do our part by sharing helpful ideas, insights and suggestions—from diet and exercise, to mental well-being--to help you get the most out of your Reset, week-in and week-out. We also hope you’ll reach out and share your stories about health, immunity, family and friends. We each have to take care of ourselves, of course. Yet if we band together to learn about what works best for one another, we will be that much stronger and better able to handle whatever comes our way in a pandemic-stricken world. 


Sincerely yours,

Mitch Stoller

CEO + Founder