Week 1 / October Reset w. Josh Grimm



Welcome to our 28-day fitness and nutrition program! This October, we'll be focusing on revitalizing our gut health to prepare for the stress, fun and excitement of the upcoming winter Holidays. 

Why start now? Because the microbes in your gut have a huge impact on our day-to-day wellness. For example, studies have shown that an unhealthy gut can make it much more difficult to lose or manage weight. 

Your gut also impacts digestion, immune function, energy levels, and even your mood! So, join us this October and give your gut the extra boost it needs to take on the winter season! 

Get started with week 1 below, or download the full program here!




Let's kill off the bad stuff -- Eat antimicrobials to help your week 1 vitamins kill off and flush out toxins and pathogens from the body. 


Herbs and Spices:

One of the easiest ways to consume antimicrobials is also the tastiest way! Herbs and spices are the most commonly used natural antimicrobials in the human diet. So, when you’re cooking this week, don’t be shy when measuring out your spices for a recipe! You’re better for it.


Save Your Fruit Peels:

Believe it or not, some of the things we end up wasting have the most powerful antimicrobial properties. For example, fruit peels like orange, lemon, and lime offer us amazing benefits. Now that you know this, you can add some zest (literally and figuratively) to your meals and your gut will love you for it.


Another Excuse to Eat Garlic:

Garlic is also an amazing way to add antimicrobials to your meals. So - spices, herbs, zest, and garlic are all things that fight off the bad microbes in your gut. They also happen to be amazing ingredients that transform recipes, so there really aren’t any drawbacks to this tip!



HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)



The main idea of a HIIT workout is repeated, difficult exercises with interludes of rest and recovery. It's basically the opposite of going for a low-impact run. You'll be pushing yourself to the limit with each quick round and then allow yourself to recover. Your body will rely on its anaerobic pathways to fuel your workout, meaning it will break down glucose without oxygen. This provides an immediate source of energy, but it can't be sustained for very long. That's why HIIT includes recovery after brief bursts of hard work.  


What Our HIIT will Include:

For our first week of exercises, we are going to focus on HIIT paired with explosive plyometric movements from the ground up. These movements will promote caloric burn, speed up your metabolism, and release some of the toxins and built-up fat stores – a perfect start for a week of cleansing!

We are going to perform each of the 10 exercises for a total of 30 seconds at maximum power followed by 15 seconds of rest for three rounds, giving us 24 minutes of an intense, full-body burn. Read on for more!


HIIT Moves:

  1. Plyometric push-ups
  2. Reverse lunge with knee up
  3. Lateral bound
  4. Burpees
  5. Low jacks
  6. Jump lunges
  7. Standing overhead ball slams
  8. 8. High knees
  9. Plant jacks
  10. Squat jumps


HIIT Goals: 

  1. Overall: 24 minutes
  2. Each exercise: 30 seconds
  3. Rest in between each move: 15 seconds