Week 2/ October Reset w. Josh Grimm



Welcome to the second week of our 28-day fitness and nutrition program! We're continuing to focus on revitalizing our gut health to prepare for the upcoming holiday season, which tends to be a time when we shift our focus away from physical health. 

If you continue with our 28-day program, your gut and body will be in great shape to cut yourself some slack during the holiday season. 

Your gut impacts digestion, immunity, energy, sleep, and even your mood. After this month, all five of those areas of your life will be improved and ready to glide through the next few months with ease!

Read about Week 2 below, or download the full program here!

Just getting started? Check out Week 1 here!



Avoid Gut-Unfriendly Foods! This week of the Reset is all about greens and antimicrobials. In order to allow the Reset supplement to work its best, avoid these foods below as best you can!


Overarching Goal:  

You should never limit yourself too much when it comes to your diet - it becomes unsustainable, and it's much better to follow a regimen that can guide you in your healthy eating rather than restrict your food. So think of this less as cutting things out, and more as adding the good foods and avoiding the bad ones that don't allow you to feel your best when consumed as a main component of your diet.


Foods to Try and Avoid: 

This week, try to be conscious of the amount of refined carbs, processed foods, sugar, artificial sweetener, and alcohol that you consume.



These foods feed the unhealthy bacteria in your gut that you're working so hard to filter out with this 28-day reset. You want to feed the good kind of bacteria! These foods can also lead to inflammation, which is something that we always want to avoid. Inflammation worsens every other health issue you may have!




What is TABATA?

TABATA is a form of high-intensity physical training in which very short, specific periods of extremely demanding activity are alternated with shorter periods of total rest. Traditionally, TABATA movements are done with 20 seconds of maximum effort of work followed by 10 seconds of total rest, for a total of 4 consecutive minutes of the same exercise (each exercise being repeated 8 times). Next, 60 seconds rest, then move on to the second exercise and repeat the same timing sequence.   



This TABATA workout is going to focus on core strength and movement, paired with a full-body compound component. We will burn more calories in this 20 minute high-efficiency workout compared to a typical strength-building routine. Instead of the traditional TABATA of a 8x repeat, we are going to split the grouping into two paired exercises in each 8 minute sequence, maximizing our efforts surrounding the muscles of the gut and abdominal region. 


NOTE: There are multiple apps for your mobile device that are specific TABATA timers to make the interval transition timing easy to maneuver through.


Set 1:

  1. 0:20 jumping jacks, 0:10 rest, repeat 4x
  2. 0:20 plank reaches, 0:10 rest, repeat 4x
  3. 1 minute rest


Set 2:

  1. 0:20 squat jumps, 0:10 rest, repeat 4x
  2. 0:20 V-ups, 0:10 rest, repeat 4x
  3. 1 minute rest 


Set 3:

  1. 0:20 180-degree jumps, 0:10 rest, repeat 4x
  2. 0:20 mountain climbers, 0:10 rest, repeat 4x
  3. 1 minute rest


Set 4:

  1. 0:20 alternate squat kicks, 0:10 rest, repeat 4x
  2. 0:20 Russian twists, 0:10 rest, repeat 4x
  3. 1 minute rest


We hope you're enjoying Week 2 - Check back for Week 3 soon!