Week 4 / October Reset w. Josh Grimm



Welcome to the fourth and final week of our 28-day fitness and nutrition program! We're happy to help you all with your pre-holiday gut check. This week, we're focusing on long-term goals that will extend beyond this 28-day program.

Your gut impacts digestion, immunity, energy, sleep, and even your mood. After this month, all five of those areas of your life will be improved and ready to glide through the next few months with ease!

Read about Week 4 below, or download the full program here!



You have cleansed your gut and you have nourished your gut. Now it's time to set you and your gut up for long-term success! 


Why we should maintain a balanced diet:  

A healthier gut means a healthier you, and vice versa. A consistently healthy diet and lifestyle will help you strengthen and maintain gut health over time. Your newfound gut health is going to positively affect all aspects of your life - be it sleep, immunity, mood, longevity, or weight management.


Everything in moderation: 

If you follow all of the guidance from the previous weeks, you should be good to go. The best motto to live by is “everything in moderation.” Research is incredibly easy to do these days, considering our access to the internet. We’ve given you some building blocks to a gut-healthy diet, but feel free to do more research on your own! As long as you approach your diet in an educated manner, you’re going to see amazing results in conjunction with this program and with Reset Logic’s gut reset.




Repair, Recovery, and Overall Strength


Your current focus:

This week is all about dynamic and controlled compound movements, along with exercises that elongate the spine and abdominal areas. We'll be using dumbells and bodyweight to practice exercises that aid in repair, recovery, and overall strength.


What you'll feel:

After following this week's program, you'll definitely feel your body being "pulled" longer and taller while also feeling leaner and more limber. It's crucial to maintain spine health when engaging in fitness - you'll be better for it in the long-run!


Set 1:

  1. Bodyweight glute bridge - 20 reps with a hold and a squeeze at the top
  2. Alternating T push-ups - 10 reps on each side
  3. Bird Dog - 10 reps on each side
  4. Face-down superman - 20 reps with a hold and a squeeze of the glutes
  5. Bodyweight prisoner squat - 30 reps at a high tempo

Repeat set x3, rest for 2 minutes in between


Set 2:

  1. Dumbbell squat to overhead shoulder press
  2. Alternating bodyweight cossacks
  3. Dumbbell reverse lunge to bicep curl
  4. Dumbbell bench step-ups

Perform each exercise for 12 repetitions

Repeat set 3x, rest for 2 minutes in between.


Set 3:

  1. Bodyweight windmill - 12 reps on each side
  2. Plank alternating hand reaches - 15 reps from each arm
  3. Reverse leg crunches to pulse up - 30 reps
  4. Dumbbell arm circles - 12 reps in forward and reverse direction

Repeat set 3x, rest for 2 minutes in between.


We hope you've enjoyed the program!

Stay updated with Reset Logic and FITNUT for future collaborations like this one!