4 Essential Steps
To Boost Your Family's
Immunity this winter

Here's How/

2020 threw our lives, routines and relationships into chaos, and the start of 2021 didn’t bring the relief we all expected. We’re still hesitant to do everyday things, like send our kids to school, or see friends and family. Even as vaccines become more and more accessible, we’ve found ourselves facing yet another year of uncertainty.

While we can’t bring the pandemic to an end ourselves, there is something we can each do in our own homes to make 2021 a little bit brighter. We can take four essential steps to strengthen the whole family’s immune health--and we can make real progress in just 4 weeks!

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The 4 Steps/

Get sleep: When we’re healthy, we sleep so that our bodies can recover from the day. Aiming for 7.5 to 9 hours of sleep each night will help to reduce inflammation and regulate immune function [1].

Exercise: A powerful tool for boosting physical and mental health, exercise works best when you mix it up, including aerobic exercise for your heart and mood, strength training for muscles and balance work for injury prevention and flexibility. [2]

Eat Right: Make sure your immune cells get the nutrients they need. Meat, eggs, nuts and seeds provide vitamin A (for skin and gut health), B vitamins (immune system regulation) and micronutrients (for proper immune cell formation). Round it out with grains, beans and vegetables. [3]

Go Beyond Vitamin C and Zinc: Just like you wouldn’t exercise only one muscle group at the gym everyday, you shouldn’t take the same generic supplement everyday for immunity. Vitamin C and Zinc fight cold and flu symptoms well, but focusing on total health is the best way to truly support your immune system.

We created our comprehensive nutrition program to do just that.

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Reset to build total + immune health now/

The Reset: 73 tested ingredients deliver baseline immune support (Vitamin C and Zinc), but go several crucial steps further. Each week, the Reset fuels a different area of immune health.

  • WEEK ONE: Cleanse toxins and renew energy.
  • WEEK TWO: Greens to strengthen and support recovery.
  • WEEK THREE: Probiotics for digestive and gut health.
  • WEEK FOUR: Our powerful formula for immunity with vitamins A - E, echinacea turmeric and more.

Everything you need, nothing that you don't. Repeat every month for maximum benefit. Plus it’s easy. You never take more than three pills a day. Follow our four essential steps and Hit Reset now to strengthen the whole family's total and immune health.

Take charge of your nutrition in 2021. What are you waiting for? Hit Reset today!

Reset Immunity Now / Save 20%

The Reset/
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