Your 28 Day Gut Check 70+ Vitamin Program Resets Gut Health for Improved Digestion, Immune Function, and more!

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Scientific Focus on Gut Optimization

  • Today, toxins and pathogens, processed foods, stress and poor sleep all damage gut health
  • A healthier gut means improved digestion, energy, mood, sleep, immunity and more
  • Our science-backed approach delivers core nutritional support to reset and revitalize your gut for overall health

How it works


4 Weeks, 4 Unique Formulas

Cleanse, strengthen and revitalize your gut, and kickstart your whole system!


Week 1 / Cleanse with Antimicrobials

week 1
Week 1 Benefits:
  • Garlic and oregano kill off harmful bacteria
  • Cleanse your gallbladder and large intestine with milk thistle
  • Help boost your immunity with Vitamin C and B12

Week 2 / Greens to fight free radicals + reduce inflammation

week 2
Week 2 Benefits:
  • Antioxidants help fight oxidative damage and move waste through the body
  • Alleviate inflammation in the gut and body with rose hip and alfalfa
  • Enhance how your body processes food with B3 and Zinc

Week 3 / Probiotics for Gut Health

week 3
Week 3 Benefits:
  • Support your gut microbiome with 6 strains of essential probiotic bacteria
  • Feed good bacteria in the gut with prebiotics like apples and slippery elm bark
  • Gut-healing compounds provide total gastrointestinal support

Week 4 / Round out your Reset with Booster Rockets

week 4
Week 4 Benefits:
  • Finish your reset with core nutritional support with vitamins A, D3, E, B complex vitamins, copper, calcium and more
  • Boost immune function with ingredients like echinacea, turmeric, vitamin C and zinc
  • Support cognitive health with adaptogens like rhodiola rosea and bacopa monnieri

It All Starts in the Gut!

Overall health starts in the gut. Get everything you need to reset and revitalize your gut in our easy, 28-day program.

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